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Credits to whoever made this, this is too true  They Make My Brain Hurt by PsychoMonkeyShogun  I did not make this but once again this is true. These are one of the reasons I stop uploading my artworks but I'm trying to push myself into my art state. All I want is to be alone and have friends on the internet, I don't need to deal with my family any more. They give me terrible flashbacks of arguments and violence. I want peace and quiet because I have "phonophobia" a fear of loud noises is what makes me want to stay away from my family at least forever. I don't like loud people who argue all the time, my ears are sensitive and people who argue and talk loud makes me berserk angry! EVERYONE WANTS HAPPINESS, that's what everyone wants no matter what I said here. I don't only do art for fun, I'm serious right now that I take my life as an artist seriously now. Art is a part of my life, I'm not joking at all saying this, it's the core of my life. I am someone who is obsessed with art. I'll say this again, I don't need me family at all. I don't care if I have friends on the internet because I don't have any and that could be the same reason that I don't have any as well, obviously. Everyone in my family are all old and all adults who should be living in their own houses by now. They treat me like a little kid while my 20+ year old bro plays video games NONE STOP. He stays home just to play games and he was about to watch Civil War but no, he changed his mind just to play games, gaming none stop won't do any better. His entire life is a game that will be played off till the end. If my dad gets divorced, I'd be happier to not see him ever again permanently.
I might draw another widow maker, but I want to draw some more Harry Potter stuff.
Okay, I'm moving to a new house, now I have to pack up this whole entire house covered in small items. This is not going to be easy at all, so many stuff that I shouldn't break. I need them and I hope I don't lose all my art supplies.
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  • Playing: Rocket League, Arkham Games, Spider-Man PS4 Hype
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Eagle by TheMagnificentArtist

It is I, the magnificent artist himself. And I will take you on a tour of how I became an artist. REVERSE!

Back den wen me was a leetle kied. My mom was an artist and she used to do portraits of my dad, she did architects and studies of faces and the female body. I tell her to draw again, but she said that she can't draw any more because she wasn't good like she used to be. so I took the torch to becoming the artist who I really am and beyond her level, traditional to digital. in those goof ol'~ school days I used to see this leetle gierl drawing some kinda woman, it was bad than I remembered because back then I wasn't a true artist. That's why it looked good to me when I first saw it but the future me right now is remembering how bad it was, but she improved well uh, probably a better artist than me? I saw her draw a birdy bird with pastels, so in FACT I decided to do a birdy bird portrait myself for my profile piccy pic. And it all started when I first saw a digital art... a Rango speed painting video, you know that talking lizard? Yeah... I saw him being speed painted on YouTube, probably on Photoshop? I don't know but I knew no digital art softwares at all when I first saw it and BOILY BOY, was I inspired |:>) I always wondered how he did it, a mouse or what?... it must've been the WACKEM' TABLET! So I decided to geet one fo' meseelf. And then I saw this Sakimichan artist and I was like  T-CHAKA by TheMagnificentArtist HOW DUYUDUDAT? I felt like a freak... everybody with SUCH experience to be acknowledged. Was it talent or skill? Nononononono. It was experience I say, I've purchased over 10 gumroad tutorials with my money to improve my art, and I need more and more to become one of the greatest artists of a teen. And what I'm saying is the truth, I go on YouTube, Google, to study anatomy for my own good, you whoever's reading this will cringe at my none submitted piece of donkey booty. I can't help typing like a nerd it's just comes out organically natural by the way I type. NO, I'm not autistic also. This is my... true form of a personality? Anyway to this dedication, I got the wackem' tablet and started doodling around out of nowhere until I fail, fail, fail to the left to the right upside down right side up and TO THE POINT! I GOT IT! I know almost every technique from Photoshop CS7, but I'm got at Art Rage 4 though. Nobody could beat me on the software called Art Rage 4  Justice League Batman by TheMagnificentArtist quite dedication isn't it? So I've been looking up high into the sky, I see Ahmed Aldoori, Tattoos Swe, Proko, Nebezial, John Singer Sargent. AND SOMEONE ELSE YOU COULD LOOK UP TO MAYBE? After studying anatomy I began to do portraits of people's body on anatomy. Okay, now to the digital universe I started to do my first ever portrait Batman Arkham Knight digitally  Batman Arkham Knight by TheMagnificentArtist I mean look at how bad it looks compared to the Justice League batman, see any improvements? How about this  Reptilian Improvement by TheMagnificentArtist And more improvable submits yet to come. Deep down below

I'm always drawing.


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Christopher (Middle Name)
Artist | Student | Digital Art
15 Years Old | Has A Bad Case of Anxiety| Speaks Nothing But English | Height: 5,11 | Weight: 90 lbs | Personality: Humorous | Hair: Black | Eyes: Brown | Energetic In A Little Bedroom (Which Suks) | I Draw Better When I'm Happy


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